Discord Backup Codes not Working (Solved)-Complete Guide

Last Updated on June 10, 2022

Tons of times we damage our devices or intentionally switch devices. And this is when we need to transfer the data on every app along with Discord.

This job is made simpler with the Discord backup codes! However, there are times the backup codes don’t work! How to solve the Discord backup codes not working problem? We have the solutions!

Methods to Solve Discord Backup Codes not working

Check out the four easy ways on solving the backup code issue on Discord. You can easily transfer the data now!

Removing the Two-Factor Authentication

At times, when you try to go for the backup option through the Discord Desktop App, this issue might happen a lot. In that case, we have an easy solution for you. All you need to do is remove the Two-Factor Authentication method from your app.

This method almost works for the majority. All you need is to do is get into the settings and then remove the 2FA process from the desktop app. After removing it, you can easily add it back. All you need to do is follow the same method of removal and add it back through the Settings option.

After adding the two-factor authentication once again, you can easily try to use the backup codes. This will solve the issue of the backup codes not working on Discord!

Change the Slots

At times, people complain about the backup codes but the problem about this is they are not that careful while working with this thing. Some users think that the code is not working because they did not try all the options yet.

Change the Slots

There are also situations when the users get an 8-digit backup code. However, the Discord app will only afford you an option to type a 6-digit code. There will be slots only for that 6-digit and no more. And if this is the reason why your backup code isn’t working, we can help you out.

To solve this, first, you have to get into the two-factor authentication menu. There, you will get a 3-dot menu available. All you need to do is click it and it will take you to another identical menu. When you get into the new menu, you will see that there is an option for adding the backup codes. But in this case, the slots are not like the previous 6-digit one.

Instead, there is a code slot that has options for 8 different digits. And in the slots, you have to add the backup code of 8-digit that you already have and you are ready to get back into your Discord without any complication!

Change the Device

So, there are times when the code doesn’t work on any specific device or platform. In this case, you can try other devices to solve this issue. It isn’t necessary that one platform can solve all your issues. Mostly, this happens when there is a glitch on the device.

Change The Device

This glitch is temporary and you don’t need to worry about it much. First of all, try to add the backup codes from your desktop app. If the codes don’t work and you are having issues with adding the codes, change the device. Leave the desktop and try to get into Discord via your mobile now.

Open the mobile Discord app and there, try adding the codes you were trying to add beforehand. If it doesn’t work on mobile-first then get back into the Discord PC app and try from there. Also, if both of these don’t work, don’t be disheartened; you are always free to get into Discord via the webpage!

This might sound a bit complicated but there are times when the codes for the mobile app can be different than the codes for the Discord app. Go for both the backup codes on every platform that is available for you. Trust us; any of them will surely work for you!

Communicate with Discord Support

All the methods mentioned above will work for sure and one of them will get you out of the problem of Discord backup codes for sure. But if they don’t, you have no other option than to contact the Discord Support team. They are always at your service.

Explain the whole situation to them and ask them the reason. They will discuss why the backup codes are not working in your Discord and where you are going wrong. Also, they will talk about the possible solutions that you can follow to solve the Discord backup code issue and get back to Discord.

Wrap Up

We have mentioned three different methods on how to solve the Discord backup code unable to work method. However, the fourth method is for the ones that cannot solve the issue by the three methods mentioned above. We are sure that the first three will solve the issue and you won’t need to go for the last one! Let us know if they worked!

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