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Are you average in typing? and always struggle when it comes to write an article or synopsis. Instead of focusing on creative thinking, most of your precious time is squandered in searching buttons on keyboard.

In this article, we would specifically discuss how to check your typing speed. But before we jump into free typing tests available online, you must know typing speed conventions followed world-wide. We generally measure typing speed in WPM that means word per minute.

  • Poor typing Speed: Less than 30 WPM
  • Average typing Speed: 40-50WPM
  • Good typing Speed: 60-80 WPM


I am sure if you are reading this article you certainly fall below average category. There are many online tests available that you can use to check your typing speed.


Free Typing Test #1 Type Racer

This is one of the most popular free typing tests online. Here you have to compete with live users. I would say more than a typing test; it’s actually a fun typing online game. At the end of game, you would get your speed in WPM. More you play the game; more acquainted you become in rapid typing.

Fun part of this test is you have to write dialogues of very popular movies and willingness to win the one minute game give you the motivation. You must give it a try.

Free Typing Test #2 Typing Master 10

This is also one of best offline game available to test and improve your typing speed. This game provides you complete 10hours guidance to reach the pro level in typing.

With Typing Master 10, you would also get free typing meter that would always be there on your desktop once installed and give you live statistics about your typing speed whether you are typing offline or online.


Free Typing Test #3 Fast Fingers

This is also very simple and popular online typing test available. In this game you have to type the random words with in a given one minute.

To play this game right now, you can directly go to official website 10fast fingers and start enjoying right away. You would also get to know your speed and your rank in table.

These all the best free typing tests available online that you can try out and improve your typing skills. Please let us know what do you feel about these typing games and how long you took to improve your typing speed.




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