Best Email Marketing Software & Tools for Small Business

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Are you looking for the best email marketing software? Want to have all the desired features including a reasonable price? Then this article aims at explaining all features and budget for your marketing solutions. 

This unwavering review is going to minimize your worries of best bulk email software. So read the reviews to figure out the best solution to your needs. 

The Best Email Campaign software are as Follow

Constant Contact

Constant ContactConstant Contact has more than 400 email templates to provide to the users. And it offers easy access to use blank templates. Direct use of HTML and CSS is possible with this email marketing software. 

Furthermore, the WordPress plugin and Facebook fan page allow the signup process. Moreover, you can alter the from the line on the email from it. Here it needs no new account creation. And this brings about significant benefits to collect emails from different peoples of a different organization.

And this is not the end of the benefits. 

There are key metrics and reporting data available in it. Through which you can monitor the bounces, click-throughs, forwards and make social shares too. 

The pricing is just on monthly based. It takes $15/month for collecting around 500 addresses. For up to 10000 email collection, it takes $75/month. Digital marketers who want to grow their business in small scale won’t get free version to use. 

The MailChimp

 mailchaimp email marketing toolsMailChimp is another best email campaign software for you to know. More than 400 templates are there to choose for the users. Recently, they use a drag and drop editor as worthy email layouts for users.  The advantages are far better to use the templates on mobile devices. Again, you can use it to code the email with HTML and CSS too. 

Like others, MailChimp includes the opportunity for the name change of your email even when you have no account set up. Here, open API is largely used and allows other applications to associate with this one of the best bulk email software. 

This digital marketing software allows easy customization. All-time you will get new features such as contact segmenting, autoresponders, app integrations, etc. 

Moreover, they have a great responsive team for customer support. And it is user-friendly for bloggers and businessman too. 


Get Response

email marketing toolsGet response is another great email marketing software including features of creating a landing page. Around 350,000 users use it over the world in the marketing platform. It is not that great to use. But this is beneficial for having email list growth. 

Some additional advanced features like segmentation, autoresponders, software integrations, etc. will exceed your expectation surely. 

Again, a brilliant feature named perfect timing allows detecting the ideal time of the day to send emails on the right time. 


SendInBlue the best email marketing toolThis is a powerful software for email marketers to use randomly especially who have low budgets to start with. And it has a limited free plan to use. 

Hence this digital email marketing platform has been strongly built with transaction email services. Recently, they have included an SMS campaign with it. 

Immense benefits you will get from it. It is user-friendly and comes with a free plan for a limited time. Remember that the plan you can use for the number of emails sent. 

Again it has additional features like campaign reporting, email list management and layout optimization based work. For the best usage, you need to access to the upgraded premium plans of it. 

Active Campaign Email Marketing Tool

Tools for Small BusinessIn the email marketing industry, Active campaign has been one of the best software. Besides MailChimp, constant contact and some other renowned applications, it has been earning popularities day by day. 

Hence in customer support, affordability, deliver-ability, it has achieved 1st or 2nd place in our through analysis. 

However, this platform is useful from bloggers to startup founders. You can use the Active Campaign for the best marketing automation. Moreover, this is a free trial to use for limited days. You can try for it. 


email marketing tool

Hubspot is a great email marketing tool for amazing tracking and analytics. However, it adds a dynamic value to B2B marketers. About 48000 software companies use this digital software for running their business. 

The features are pioneered as great for inbound marketing, content management, email marketing, etc. in it. The analytics of this useful marketing solution is great. If you wish to experience the email campaign’s conversion rate with it, easily you can do that. 

SendX Email Marketing Software

 SendX Email Marketing SoftwareIn the email marketing industry, SendX has been taken a new contender space. This simple marketing software is easy to use. 

The features are comparatively unique. “Opti-Send technology is a great unique addition to this space. It has been used for resending email campaigns to contacts for people. 

SendX has been popular for it’s best to email marketing space and tools. It is reasonable in price. Another beneficial factor of it is the acceptance of cryptocurrency. 


Mailer Lite Email Marketing Software

Another simplest digital marketing solution is the mailer, Lite. It contains the most needed things down to its feature. This marketing tool has easy access to multiple languages.Mailer Lite Email Marketing Software 

Hence, it catches up a wide range of international audience. For beginners, this has been added to the new rejoice. You can use the interface for faster email creation. 

Again, some flexible templates bare there with modern minimalist. Remember, ultimately this is not a super-advanced marketing tool. People who desire to have a simple solution can use it easily. 

Any freelancers, website owners can randomly use it for their business purpose. There has been a lite plan and plan as well as a professional plan for the subscriber to use Monthly.

Final words

Above mentioned list of best email marketing software is scalable and worthy to start with. To expand your business, you can start for constant contact free version. Hence, keep in mind that most providers want to make export and import the leads when needed. Just choose a reliable provider and start your business smoothly with your desired software based on your budget and marketing requirements. 


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