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Last Updated on April 25, 2022

Discord bots are software that can be used on a server to create automated commands, features, or AI bots that run in the Discord app. These bots can help with moderation, server management, or as a tool to automate specific tasks that may not be feasible with the human staff.

Discord is a popular chatting app that lets you communicate with other players. Besides chatting, it also has an extensive library of bots that can help you with anything from managing your life to interacting with your friends. We are going to talk about some funny bot that can increase your joy while you are on the discord server.

Top 5 Flirting discord bot For fun

Most Discord users enjoy using discord bots in their servers. We all know that bots are the heart of every discord server, but having a specific bot may not be the best choice because there are way too many discord bots out there. Not everyone knows which ones are the best, so this blog is here to help you. You will find out that some of these bots are already included in several discord servers and others are not, but they all have one thing in common: they all are used by many users! The list features the best discord bots for fun that you can find online. This post is written for anyone who is looking for funny discord bots that will make the server more interesting.

  1. Dank Memer

Discord app has many options to bring more interest to it for the users. Anytime we can add few funny bots with that and these can bring some awesome features in the discord server.  The dank memer is one of them.

Dank Memer is a bot that promotes all the memes, jokes, news, and everything you want to know about them. Dank Memer is a fun Discord bot with a simple and hard-to-use interface. It is created by dank memes or dank memes bot

Also, Dank Memer, the internet’s most prolific meme creators, are about to make Memer a little more melodic. Discord, the chat app that brings together Dank Memer and Memer alike, is making a new app that will let Dank Memer create memes with music, and then send them out to the Memer on Dank Memer Discord server.

What Dank bot adds special to your discord?

  • It can add more attractive memes to the server
  • Enjoy auto-posting memes for paid users
  • IT add more games and animals to servers
  • Add more unique discord item to the servers
  • Stealing
  • Add gambling
  • Help to enhance server engagement
  • Huge audience
  1. Lootcord fun bot

Most bots are boring, but what if there was a bot that let you loot items from a game every day?

That’s what Lootcord is all about. You can set up a Lootcord bot on any Discord server, and invite your friends to it. Once you do that, the Lootcord bot will give random items to the members every day.

We wrote a fun and easy guide to Lootcord Discord bots. LootCord is a free loot bot for your discord server that is super easy to use and is a great addition to any server.

How to Use lootcord Bot?

Some commands to use lootcord bot properly. You can use them when you are playing is discord server. Let’s check the command for more entrainment:

  • Inv- we can see all items, scrap, etc. by this command.
  • Profile: you can check others user stats along with yourself here
  • Use-you can attack other players by using items from the command.
  • Items-This command will help to see the list of essential items
  • Buy-according to your need, you see what you can buy in discord game for you.
  • Sell– you can find options to sell for scarp.
  • Leader board-This will help to meet the best player of the game
  • Setting: This option will allow you to control your account.

Other Features of this Interesting Discord bot

Attack System

Attack your friends and enemies with various items and weapons hidden in the lootcord item boxes. You can attack other active players with any of your weapons with the t-use command. If you manage to kill someone, you will receive their money and random items in their store. You can either specify someone to attack or attack a random active player.

There are also random events! Airdrops can land on your server, be the first to claim them as loot, or explore monuments after loot!


In terms of security, you in the discord game Money can be powerful and it will help to buy armors to save yourself and drawer to keep useable better items.

You can also list all the black market items that other players can buy at the very bottom.


Gather your friends and allies to form a clan. By forming a clan, you and your group can keep weapons and money in a clan chest.

  • Create a clan with others
  • Keep scrap metal and weapons
  • Be powerful on the game

3.CoinMaster  Fun Bot

Discord and its chat features are an insanely popular way for people to communicate and form groups for various activities. However, it’s not just people that are getting involved. Discord Bots are a popular way for people to automate and customize different functions on the Discord chat client, like how chatbots usually run automated tasks.

CoinMaster is a bot for discord that has a lot of fun and has fun and shortcut commands. It is a great bot for people who love to play games like Slither. Roblox, and etc. it is also a great bot for people who like to have fun on discord.

Click to add learn and add this bot to your account server!

  1. Bloxlink Discord Fun bot

Discord is a modern messaging service that allows users to chat in real-time with each other. It is a great platform that is usually used for gaming and music and has caught the attention of many people who wish to use it as an instant messenger. However, there is a problem: there are no native Discord bots. Until this problem is solved, you will have to rely on 3rd party bots to help you chat in Discord. This is where Bloxlink comes in.

Features of Bloxlink Bot

  • IT can be linked with many server groups at a Time
  • Bloxlink help to setup discord roles
  • Make ease auto verification
  • It can restrict server
  • Bring Trello board on the server
  • Custom prefixes
  1. Toasty Fun Bot

A bot is a computer application that runs automated tasks or serves as an intermediary to connect human users. Many bots are designed to perform simple tasks, such as sending a tweet or providing weather reports. Others, such as the “Toasty” Discord bot listed below, are designed to perform a variety of functions, such as providing a fun gaming experience, acting as an anti-spam tool, or simply making life easier for users.


Moderate your server like butter with Toasty’s extensive moderation functions. Automatic features, customizable greetings and out-of-office messages, ad blocking, moderation logs and joining logs, kicks, bans, deletion of messages, and more!


Stream high-quality music from YouTube, SoundCloud, or even listen to live Twitch. tv streams with Toasty’s music features.


Grill up your server with a variety of fun controls! Roasts, tips, papa jokes, memes, dogs, cats, sound effects, cat animations, triggered gifs, image editing, and more!

When you try to flirt with a Discord Bot?

Final words

Using discord is more fun and the gamers always love to add more functions to make their game efficient. We have listed top voted fun bot that really makes the discord use joyful. True fact is there are many bots that can help you in your time in discord, but use them wisely! We’ve ranked the top 5 bots for any server, so you can pick the one that’s right for you. Hope our top pick for more entertainment will help you to enjoy discord game.

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