Best cat food for ferrets- Keep your Cat Healthy and Safe

Ferrets are very popular pet animals nowadays. They are usually carnivorous animal. So, foods that contain fiber, any kinds of plants or grains are harmful for their metabolism system. They can’t digest carbohydrates easily. That’s why it is very difficult to digest fruits and vegetables for them. They need foods contained high amount of proteins and special nutrient requirements. There are only some specific cat foods that will work for ferrets. It’s not easy to find their food in stores like cats as well.

Eventually confusion must grow in your mind and you must be worried about your ferret food. In this article, I am going to share effective guidelines that will help you find best cat food for ferrets.

Feed orijen regional red dry cat food

This cat food for ferrets can meet up the needs of their selective diet. It has 40 percent protein that satisfies its gluttonous appetite for meats. It is biologically appropriate and matches with diet cat.

Wysong Epigen 90 digestive support food:

As ferrets are carnivorous animal, they need lots of meats. Wysong is best ferret kibble food for them. You can put your trust on this brand for your ferret.

Dry Food

Ferrets have short digestive system. That’s why you should provide foods to them frequently. You should provide quality food to them. Dry foods will be the right choice for your ferrets, as it needs food time to time. Dry foods are available and you can feed them easily. You can give them canned ferret food occasionally. It is the easiest option for ferrets. Formulated ferret food will be the best option for you to choose because it has proper nutritional requirements.

Some ferret owners feed high quality kitten food to their ferrets because it has higher protein content. They mix it with ferret’s food. It increases nutritional value and decreases the extra cost. Make sure about that the dry pet food contains 32 % to 36% protein. 20% fat on the average with low amount of carbohydrate. When you go to buy dried ferret food, make sure it contains enough protein than any other food product.

Wet cat food

Wet or moist cat foods are indeed best food for ferrets. You should read the nutritional content on the level before purchasing foods for them. While ferrets are carnivorous as cats, they require enough protein in their diet. Wet cat foods contain high animal protein that meets up the needs of protein of ferrets. In addition, water is vital for your ferret’s health. So, they can appease their water requirement from wet cat foods too. You can try this cat food for ferrets.

Other ferret food

Ferrets eat according to their caloric need. They have little digestive system and foods metabolize quickly. So, they are in need of foods always.

You should provide them fresh clean water. Otherwise they can suffer from serious dehydration. You may give it a try to change their food sometimes. Try to mix kibbles with meats. Thus your pet will get habituated to different kinds of tastes of food. You can start like this. Mix the new products with the old one slowly. You should increase the amount of new food. Ferrets won’t response with the new change in their food items quickly. That’s why you need to bring the change slowly. Eventually they will be accustomed with that.

Raw Meats

Raw food is another option for when feeding your ferret. You can feed it chicken wings, rabbit, turkey necks, lambs heart etc. Raw animal bones are also important for your ferret’s health. It can gain enough calcium from bones. You can also feed it mice, rats. You may not prefer the idea of feeding raw foods to your ferret. But it meets up the nutritional needs of your ferret. You can buy quality meat and rodents from renowned retailers. Don’t try to catch any rodents yourself. They may have parasites.

Feeding process of baby ferret and adult ferret

Fresh meats, goats or low lactose milks can a great combination of food for your baby ferret. According to theBritish ferret club’s advice, you can feed them around four times in a day to keep them healthy.

  • At breakfast, you can feed them water and fresh meats chucks.
  • You can offer them fresh meats to have a wonderful lunch. Repeat it in dinner time also.
  • You can feed them bone meats or low lactose milk on their suppertime.

It is necessary to encourage ferrets to try lots of different food items when they are young. Once they grow older, it becomes difficult to change their eating habit.

You need not to overwhelm with food for adult ferrets. When it is hungry, offer it ferret kibble and fresh meats. Make sure about it gets high amount of proteins. Physical exercise is needed for them. It prevents them from getting fat.

Primary requirements for ferret food

  • Higher protein, approximately 30-40 percent on the proper nutrition analysis.
  • They should be provided meat-based protein (35-45%).
  • About 15-20% fat should be enlisted on their food item.
  • Right amount of vitamins and minerals should be given to them for maintaining nutrition.
  • Minimum amount of fiber food such as fruits, vegetables, sugars. Because ferrets can’t digest fibers easily. Excessive amount of fiber leads them to diarrhea.
  • High carbohydrate foods can increase excess of glucose in your ferret’s blood. According to Susan Brown, DVM; this may lead it to cancer of the beta cells in the pancreas.

Wrap Up

Ferrets are very cute pet. As you love it, it deserves the best attention from you. They seem to enjoy while you are offering them foods. In this article, I tried my best to give you proper guidelines. Hope you can find best cat food for ferrets with this article. I hope, with best supplements of foods and your love and attention, your ferret can have a longer and healthy life.


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