Some Bad SEO Mistake That Beginner Do!

Almost every SEO guy is worried about link building strategies and most of the starter makes so many mistakes while doing that. Here I am going to share some serious mistake that we do in SEO work!

Keyword Research

This is key to success in online business once you made mistake on that you have to face a lot of losing in your project. I think almost 95% beginner failed because of keyword Research mistake (assume). I guess everyone we know about keyword research but we just make mistake to finalize. So let see which type of keyword we can choose as a beginner:

I am just considering first 10 sites of Google and now time to see which combination would be great for us:

  • Three e-commerce site
  • One video
  • Two social page
  • One authority site
  • Two niche site

Must check that is your competitor target same keyword but how you can check. Very ease!

Check is their title and url match with your keyword if match that means they target that one. If not match then you can choose that.

For A to Z guide on keyword research here!

Fail to include a catchy Meta description

Some SEO guy gives less important on meta description but it is very important for post or site because it is proven that the site which has more specific and clean meta description get more visitor than other sites.

It also helps to gain rank from the search engine. Some short tips for writing Meta descriptions:

Don’t write longer than 320 words

Don’t use keywords too much. One or if possible two times are well enough!

Give a clear message to your audience about that particular content.

Examples of some best Meta description:


Rapid link building

This is a big mistake to build unnatural and poor links. Many seo beginners often do that mistake. We need to go slow and also make sure that we are not doing too much commenting, bookmarking, profile creations, article directory submission etc.

What should we do more for link building?

The answer is doing Relevant Guest posting as much as possbile.

Over-optimized content

We all know as an SEO guy that we can keep our keyword naturally 0.5% but among SEO specialist they express lot of thoughts over it. Some of them agree to .3% and some of they agree to .4 and some of them asking to keep .2%. Best practice is to use your keyword where naturally needed.

I repeat naturally use your keyword where needed doesn’t matter how many time you use your keyword.

Broken links

A link is given to the name for a hyperlink that no longer affects the intended destination. They were won by the Sermon of a sales point, and you are desperate to see what is on the other side of the connection, as the following example:

Obviously, everyone in their right mind would click on a link that will look at 10 years, promising younger! It’s broken!

Of course, accumulate defective links sites, but they are a big annoyance to visitors and Google also dislike. But if they are so natural, why Google punishes you for it?

It is because the bad connections gain a bad reputation. And the people with online reputation do not see themselves as authorities (except a bad reputation that is).

Anyway, Google’s downgrades site reports with many issues like this, so not a rebel for any reason. Have some regular cleaning on.

You are not optimizing for local search

If you are a company that focuses on a city or region on clients, it is important to learn more about the local search. Most search engines, like Google, run a little different than keywords that are more comprehensive.

Begin with certain keywords in the region in the page title and Meta descriptions included. You will also need to include an address and a local phone number in its pages, as included in the header or footer appearing in local results. After all, you want to include review sites and local networks in Yelp, Dealer Circle, Google Places, Foursquare, and other sites.

Does not use anchor text for internal links

Do you have links in the body of a website for “click here” this message, “and other generic texts ever were seen?

From the SEO perspective, Of course, you can increase clicks to use a call to action and your link, but it also costs you the ability to customize your anchor text, one of the most important elements of SEO.

For example, if you want to write a post on a blog and want to combine your services e-commerce page, make the anchor text “web design e-commerce service pages” or something similar. Even if you have a call to action, try to find at least some relevant keywords in the link. For example, “click here for more information about our e-commerce services.”

Using the same anchor text for each link

Anchor text optimization is important, but do not use the same anchor text for each link to a page. It looks like fun for the visitors, and some people say that it also does harm to the search engines because it seems he tries to “play” them.

Therefore. Use keyword variations, the name of your company, or occasionally even a URL to make it more natural Do not try to use the same anchor text and keep maintain the diversity.

Badly written content

Two popular ways to create interesting content are the setting articles writer deposit and use spinning items – software that takes an item and “re-words” to search for it like several unique items search engines.

Why is not it a good idea?

People can find out if the content is unique and valuable, and if not, lose confidence and will have a much tougher time to take action.

Therefore, if you need to outsource content, hire authors who are able to produce original items proudly publish on your website. You probably have more to pay, but if it leads to more conversions, a much better investment will be.

You can read the best Guide to write Great content here!

Irrelevant Links Anchor Text

Anchor Text specifies the name for the hyperlink text that you click on a Web page.

Intelligent creation of anchor text links is a coveted ability in the world of SEO because they are the main source of food for a tracker search engine.

Moving from one page to another, a tracker uses links as indicators for the themed pages to which you go and how to classify them. So when I see here, as link anchor text is used, I see a missed opportunity to build a connection.

Customize anchor text links contain the keywords you want to rank for can be lengthy, and varies.

Final Words

From the all above point I am sure now you can reduce your bad SEO mistakes and surely you will get rank better than before.

Hope you enjoy and learn something from the article!

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