Advance Google Search Technique That You Need Everyday

Last Updated on March 25, 2021 by Harry Holden

What is Google?

Google is a search engine where we can possible every solution we are looking for! Almost every people in the world who has the internet use Google!

How to Get best Search Result From Google

Whatever we search In Google is called a keyword. It may be one word, two words even more. Such as:

the game, online game, Best online game, etc. are keywords.

Here are Some Very easy to apply the technique to search in Google.

Use Quotation Mark

Suppose you are searching for Pen drive in Bangladesh, but Google sometimes shows you the search result is Flash drive in Bangladesh! Which you don’t want. In this case, use a Quotation mark like that-: Pen drive in Bangladesh”  and Get the best result you want like.

Pen drive in bangladesh


Minimize Word

Suppose you want to buy a laptop, but you don’t love HP brand then how you can avoid this from Google search result?

Just type like below in Search Engine:

“Laptop in Bangladesh-HP”

Minimize Site

Sometimes we love to avoid a particular site from our search Results but how?

Just type again like: “Laptop in” and will see a result like below:

Budget Base Search

If you have a specific budget and looking for a product which price is under $100 then how you need to search in Google?

Type “best laptop under $100”

File Base Search

If you are looking certain file in Google, specify the file name like Below: “Hindi songs download filetype:mp3.”

Same way, if you are looking for Gif file you can search like: “funny image filetype:mp3” etc

Find Blog Post:

Sometimes we are looking for tips type content which usually posted on a different blog. You can find them easily like below:

Blog: website security tips

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