Slack vs. Teams- Things You Must Know

Last Updated on February 12, 2022

In six long years, Slack got 10 million users while Microsoft Teams have got 12 million in just three years. You already are thinking that Teams is better than Slack, right? But how can you get sure? Here, we have listed the features and details of Slack vs. Teams, check it out!

Differences between Slack vs. Teams

Learning how to use Slack for project management or Teams or meetings won’t take a lot of time. But beforehand, you must know which one to pick!


Both Microsoft Teams and Slack come with a lot of bot and app integration facilities so that they can improve the user experience. Slack has 1500 third-party apps from which the user can choose. On the other hand, Teams comes with Office 365 integration.

This platform affords seamless and powerful integrated apps. Then again, the third-party apps are with it too! Helper bots are available in Slack as Slackbot and users are fond of this one. With the help of this bot, the users can streamline the tasks.

Personal reminder setup and accessibility along with answering questions regarding Slack are available with this bot. Under direct message, this one can be accessed effortlessly. Just like the Slackbot, Teams comes with a Who bot for the same job. It is powered by Microsoft Graph. With this one, the users can easily search for organizational information depending on the topics or the names.

Microsoft Teams also introduces the users with AVA which is a backup chatbox. It will restore all your deleted content within Office 365 along with the lost ones. You also get the cloud governance app MyHub. With this one, you are free to provision workspaces and you won’t need IT for it! If you cut unnecessary overhead, Teams is going to be far more helpful!


Both of these platforms are designed to deal with private messaging and channels. With the help of Microsoft Teams, you can easily create a structured Team. And this one will afford you additional security.

With the security, you get the data management capabilities via content structure enhancing too! After creating a Team for every project, Teams will create a dedicated Office 365 Group.

Through this, your team can integrate with the other available applications in Office 365. You get OneNote, Planner, Group Calendar, SharePoint, etc. here. You are free to add private channels for a better security barrier for the subsets of Teams users.

Let’s deal with Slack now. The very new facility that Slack has added is to send emails to the Slack channels directly. This can be sent with a unique email address. At times, some emails will be automatically forwarded. However, this feature is only available for paid Slack users.

There are channel management tools available. As a primary owner, you can manage to post permissions archive channels and rename them. Sharing the channel up to 19 organizations is an added facility here. This will bring secure external communication. Go for Slack download Mac and enjoy the features! Unlike Teams, Slack will not let you have channels within channels.


Whenever it comes to the comparison of Slack and Teams and the security these two platforms afford, we like to keep Teams a little ahead. You might ask us why we do that. Well, the matter connects with the administration controls along with the data security. With both Slack and Teams, you get data encryption and compliance certification.

Also, you get the two-factor authentication available in these two. But with Teams, you get to prioritize data security more. There are four tiers of compliance frameworks. And so, it is categorized as Tier D-Complaint. As a result, it affords you the highest level of compliance commitment. Along with this, all of the Team’s services are enabled by default.

Apart from this, Teams is very serious about the admin controls compared to the other platforms. No matter it’s modifying member, file, owner, and also SharePoint permissions, you can see how perfect the controls are! When it comes to the chat content and the files here, there are DLP and data governance controls available too!


The basic reason for platforms like Slack or Teams coming up to the users is for the communication. They help us communicate. And for communication, both Slack and Teams come with audio and video sharing facilities. You can rely on Teams because it comes with several years of experience by Microsoft. From large to small collaboration and communication apps, Teams is great no doubt and the meeting capabilities are higher here.

In terms of Slack, the users only get the opportunity to go for a one-on-one calling facility. This is the deal with the free version. If you settle for the paid version, you can get the ability to call 15 participants along with the screen sharing facility. To make the calls handy, Slack has added different third-party apps.

In the case of communication, we will keep Teams ahead for specific reasons. Especially, if you are talking about the free version, Teams is better. With Teams, you get the ability to host meetings to 250 people and that with the free version, without the paid one! If you go for the paid version, you can settle for Teams live events so that hosting large meetings and company-wide events is easier.

Here, you can settle for about 10,000 attendees, no matter they are outside or inside your organization. There are no doubt Teams is way better here with the other nifty features like the meeting recording and background blur, scheduled meetings, and personal favorites.

Free Plan

Microsoft Teams and Slack, both come in their free versions for the users to use it. In the free version of Teams, you get 300 per organization with 2 GF per user storage and 10 GB of shared storage. Here, you get Channel meetings facility with unlimited app integration. Here, you can enjoy unlimited chat messages too. However, the two-factor authentication is not added in teams.

If you are a Slack user, you will enjoy unlimited users or organizations with 5 GB of total file storage. However, no channel meetings are available here and you can go for the 10 app integration facility. The chat messages limit is 10k (most recent messages.) The best part is you get the two-factor authentication here.

The guest access is available in Teams but not added to Slack. However, one-on-on group online audio along with video calls is available in both of these apps. Screen sharing facility is added to both of them too.

With the free version, Teams and Slack afford the paid versions too for added features and improved facilities. If you want to go for the Slack Standard Plan, you have to pay $6.67 per month. With this, you will get unlimited chat history and integrations. Also, file storage will increase to 10 GB. It comes with security capabilities and external collaboration.

You have to pay $5 every month for Microsoft Teams Business Essentials Plan and have 1 TB OneDrive personal file storage, file attachments in char, and file sharing with the channels and teams. You get SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, Stream, and Online.

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Wrap Up

If you compare these two platforms for communication and choose one, we will like to recommend you to go for Teams if you want more features at a reasonable price. In the case of free plans, Teams once again goes ahead of Slack.

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