How To Turn off Discord Overlay-The Smart Guide

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

Having fun in a Discord game is fun and all. But have you thought of communication problems? And what are your thoughts on the overlay issues that Discord users and gamers face frequently? Undoubtedly, this is an annoying problem.

And so, here, we will discuss how to turn off Discord overlay and enjoy a smooth gaming experience with your friends and have fun!

Methods of Disabling Discord Overlay

In-Game Overlay Disable Process

  1. If you want to learn how to turn off Discord overlay, you have to open the app first. At times, for the overlay situation, the app might not open. In that case, you have to go through the system tray. Often it is minimized there.
In-Game Overlay Disable

2. After this, you will find the Home Screen of Discord. There, search for the User Settings icon and select it. To find this, go through the bottom-left part of the screen. When you select it, a menu will appear before you. You have to find the App Settings by scrolling down slowly. There, you will get another option called Overlay. Click this one.

Home Screen of Discord

3. Now, a menu will appear before you and you have to go through the top part of this menu. A toggle will be there called Enable In-Game. All you have to do is click it to toggle. Now, you have to go out of this window and go to Discord once again. Go through any game you like now. With the previous steps, the overlay will be disabled. And now, you can use Discord without any overlay issues.

discord overlay turn one

Specific Game Overlay Disable

Here, you have to open Discord. But in this case, you have to open it from the system tray. Once it is opened, you have to go through the USER SETTINGS gear icon. It will be exactly beside your Profile name.

  1. Check the left pane here and search for the Overlay tab. This will be placed under App Settings. You have to check the Enable In-Game Overlay option too. All you need to do is ensure that this is enabled. After enabling it, you are free to move forward.
  2. When you are done, you have to go through the Game Activity and then check the list of the games. In the list, you will see all the games that are installed on the PC. At times, you might think that all the games are not added here. In that case, there’s an option called ADD IT, go through it to ensure you get the game here.
get the game here.

3. Now, it is time to pick up the games that you desire to enable the app overlay for. Selecting all the games that you like, go through the Overlay icon. In this method, you can easily enable and disable the Discord Overlay and have fun!

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How To Turn off Discord Overlay

Final Words

There are other methods of disabling the Discord overlay. You can disable the overlay on Steam, WOW, Roblox, League of Legends, Fortnite, and other games too! If you want to know about these, check our blog. We talk about everything you need regarding your PC and Discord!

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