How to Make Custom Welcome Message on Discord

Last Updated on June 25, 2022

You might love the new members when they join your server, don’t you? Then what’s wrong is sending them some love? This is when you should set up a welcome message. But the best thing you can do in this case is to customize the welcome message on Discord and make it better.

You can write whatever you want to the new members and you can also change the names of the users in that message! It will not only make the server a homelike place but will also cherish the users of your server! Have a look at how to make custom welcome message on Discord and follow the steps!

Make Custom Welcome Message on Discord

The Bot

Once you are done getting into Discord, you have to head over to Well, here, we are talking about the bot we are using. Mee6 is the bot here. If you are using Discord for a good sum of time, you already know how popular Mee6 is.

The incredible features this one has, hardly any other bots offer such soothing features like so far. You can simply send the welcome message in the Discord channel. On the other hand, you can also settle for sending the welcome message to the user directly via DM. Whatever you choose, the process is almost the same.

Step by Step Process of Adding Custom Welcome Message on Discord

How To Make Custom Welcome Message On Discord

Just like freshly baked cookies, the new members of your server require a warm welcome from you. And this is when you should add some custom welcome message to show them how cordial you are! Here are the steps for customizing the welcome messages, get your eyes on it!

  1. To make a custom welcome message on Discord, first, get your hands on your PC. As we are dealing with the custom welcome message, make sure that you are not using the app. Instead, you are working on the Discord web version. From the web version, sign in first and then head over to Mee6.
  2. So, you are already on Mee6 now. You have to head over to it and then you will see Add to Discord. This is the way to add the bot to your Discord so that you can run the features. Click on Add to Discord to add this bot to your Discord facility. Once you have clicked it, the bot will ask for several permissions that it needs for working on your device. And here, you need to agree to the permissions and accept them first.
  3. After accepting the permissions, feel free to work on the servers. You have to pick which server you need to install it on. Go through the servers available before you and then pick up the one that fits better for your requirements. Click the server and add the bot to it.
  4. Now, the bot is added to the server already! Once the bot is added, your work is to set up the welcome message you are opting for. For editing the welcome message, first, you have to go to the dashboard and take your cursor to it. Check if there is an option called “Welcome.” All you need is to click that option. After clicking it, you can go for the next step.
  5. Once you have clicked Welcome, it will take you to several options now. The first option on this new page will be to Send a Message when a User Joins the Server. This is what you need! All you need here is to enable this option.
  6. When you are done enabling this option, you can pick up the channel the welcome message will get sent to. And here, you can customize the message too! Go for editing the welcome message and write what you like as your welcome message on Discord. Make sure you have attended the USER field available here. If you don’t, it will change the username automatically when it will message them depending on the user.
  7. After you are done with enabling the welcome message, editing it or customizing it, and naming the user, you have to save the changes you just made. There will be a SAVE option available. All you need is to click that option to save the changes. Now, the welcome message is set and is running. If you are planning to edit Mee6, you have to get back to Web Dashboard once again!

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How To Make Custom Welcome Messages On Discord Servers

Wrap Up

As a welcome message isn’t a default feature here, you have to set it up if you want it. And adding it to Discord isn’t tough. But if you want to custom the welcome message on Discord, you might need a little bit of patience to work with the editing process. And once you are done, check if the welcome message is working or not! Trust us; you don’t need to be an expert to make it work!

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