How To Change Email on Slack-Tips and Tricks

Last Updated on May 1, 2022

So, you are here to change the email address on your Slack account, right? Before you settle for an email, you need to think twice- these are bygones now. These days, you can change your email address for your Slack account any time you want! Here, we will take you on a step-by-step tour to know how to change Email on Slack!

Let’s dive in.

Steps of Changing the Email Address on Slack

You can easily learn how to archive a Slack channel or how to add a new channel- but changing email can be complicated for some of you! But we have tips and tricks to do it easily.

1. Open Slack

First of all, you have to go to the Account Settings of your Slack. But well, for this, you need to get into your Slack first. Go for your Slack account first. Log in with the essential details required. Once you are done, you will be on your account.

If the account is logged in from before, you can simply get into Slack without the necessary details like the email address and the password. You can apply this method to learn how to change email on Slack app and browser both.

2. Go for View Profile

Now that you are in your Slack account, it’s time to go for the account settings. So, where will you get this option? All you need is to check your Slack account and take a look at the profile picture. Yes, you have to click on your profile picture first.

Go for View Profile

It is added at the top-right corner of your Slack screen. Once you click on that profile picture, there will be a drop-down menu available with a few options. Check the available options. And from the list, you have to select the option called View Profile.

3. Click Account Settings

Once you click the View Profile option, you will be taken to your Profile details. In the profile, you will see a three-dot option available. This one will be labeled as MORE. So, now, you need to go for MORE. When you go for this option, you will see another dropdown menu available for you.

Click Account Settings

There will be a long list. Don’t bother with all of them. You only need to search for the Account Settings option. Once you find it, go for this one.

4. Expand the Email Address Field

After clicking it, it will take you to the Account Settings details. You will be bumped with so many options but don’t worry; things are easier from now on! All you need is to go for the option called the Email address field.

Expand the Email Address Field

Once you are there, you only need to think about this specific section. Under the Email Address, you will see an option named Expand. Get a hold of the cursor and click on Expand.

5. Add the New Email Address

It’s time you can change the email address! Here, you have to add the current password. Without the current password, you won’t be able to change the email address. After you have added the current password, you can simply add a new email address.

Add the current password and add the updated email address. In this step, finally, you have to go for the Update Email Address option. Clicking on it will change or update the email address.

6. Confirm the Email Address

After you have pressed the option for updating, you will get to see an email to the new email address. Open your new email address and there will be a new email. This one is a confirmation email for the new account.

Confirm the Email Address

All you need here is to confirm that you are the one adding the new email there. In the inbox, check the message and click on Confirm Your Email Address. This is a link in your email. Tap on it if you want to continue.

7.Change the Address for other Workspaces

And there you go! You are done changing the email address for your Slack account. However, keep in mind that the Slack account you are using is independent of every workspace that you are connected with.

So, if you are planning to change the email, you have to change it for every workspace that you added to. This can be a tiring job but well, this is how we pay for the change we need!

Wrap Up

Many sites won’t allow you to change the email but well- Slack does! For changing it, following the steps we have mentioned are enough. Go through them and let us know how easy it was to change them! 

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