How to Assign a Bot to a Channel Discord-The Complete Guide

Last Updated on June 4, 2022

Yes, assigning bots isn’t that tough now! You do not need to be a coding genius to add bots anymore. All you need to do is download the pre-designed bots from the sites! Or you can simply get some customized ones.

Performing the automated tasks should be easy from now on! No matter how you worry, the process is easy. Let’s tell you the secret of how to assign a bot to a channel Discord!

Step by Step Guide to Assign Bot to Discord Channels

Take a look at the step-by-step process of assigning a bot to the Discord channel. It will take only a few minutes but will serve you incredibly, have faith!

Step 1: Get into Discord

The first job, as usual, you have to get into Discord. Add the user id along with the login information. While you are assigning bot to Discord channels with a phone, make sure that you have logged into the desktop version along with the Web App. With this, the process of adding bots and assigning it will be easier.

Step 2: Search for the Bot

Now that you are already in Discord, you have to invite bot. Here, all you need is to pick up any bot and then add it to a server. Go for or MEE6. For this, first, you have to search the View option and then click on any bot you like.

Once you click it, it will show the general information page on that specific bot. In this case, the Bot mustn’t be offline. When it is online, it can easily communicate and you can invite it to a server.

Step 3: Add to Discord

It’s time to search for the option Invite or Add. Different sites have different options available. Go for the one that takes you forward.

After clicking it, you will see a new page. There, you will see an option called Add to Discord. Get your cursor to this option and then add it to your Discord!

Step 4: Pick up the Server

After you have added the bot to Discord, you will see another window on your screen. The servers will be here. You can add bots to the servers that are shown on this page. The amount of servers depends on your administrative power over your servers.

However, we often forget that we cannot add a bot to Discord if we do not have managerial powers. If you are an owner of servers, you can invite bots without any complications.

Now, you have to go through the managerial powers and information, you have to pick up the server where you want to invite the bot.

Step 5: The Authorization

Once you have picked up the server you like, you will see the powers this bot will get when you add it to the server.

Check the options available and the power you want to provide the bot. Only settle for the ones that you agree to. After you are done with your permissions and checking, you have to press Authorize button.

Step 6: Bot Role

Now, the bot is already invited! In Discord, check the right sidebar and you will find it there. When you see the bot, you have to give the bot a role.

If you create a new role for the bot, it will be easy for the server organization. Get into the Server Settings menu and create a role for the bot.

Once you have created separate bot roles, you can easily go through multiple bots and organize them into this category. The whole process is done to make the server look cleaner.

Step 7: Text Channel for the Bot

After this, you have to create a new text channel on the server for your bot. Name it as you like. Go for the name that fits best.

Make sure you settle for a name that the users cannot spam commands in the general chat area. In some situations, you only assign a bot for admin usage; you have to make it accessible to only some specific roles.

Go for admins and moderators and the specific you want. This will keep the server spam-free more than before. Yes, it’s not a necessary job to do. But you can add it for your peace of mind!

Step 8: Bot Set Up

You are already done assigning the bot your Discord! Go through the details of each bot before you download them. Check the commands you need to learn before you activate them. And once you are done, you are ready! Have fun with the bot!

How To Add a Bot to Discord Server

Wrap Up

Here, we have downloaded the premade bots from a site. You can go for the customized ones too. Also, you have to whole right to settle for another site for the premade bots.

Check the step-by-step process, download the bot and assign it. With the bot commands, you can add music, games, memes, and whatever content you want on your server! Trust us; it will be worth your while.

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