Asana vs Slack-Things You must Know

Last Updated on May 22, 2022

Slack and Asana- both are quite famous for their reputation in the workplace communication sector. In the professional settings, both of them are doing great.

But a lot of people don’t know that both of these apps are quite different from each other. Check out this Asana vs. Slack-key differences to know which one to pick for your organization!

difference between Slack and Asana

When people get into a dilemma between the competition of Asana vs. Slack, we come up with an easy solution. First of all, you need to understand that Slack is a communication app. On the other hand, Asana is just a project management platform with some communication features.

Slack vs. Asana Platform

So, both of the platforms are very different than each other. Asana uses communication on the projects. But Slack will help you create teams that can collaborate with the whole organization.

asana platform

For using Slack, you will need to have a group of team members. But you can use Asana as an individual. Asana comes with webinars while Slack lacks them. However, these are not only the key differences, there are others too!

The Asana platform

Sign Up Process

Asana and Slack, just like the other apps of this type have very simple sign-up processes. However, things don’t stay that way when it comes to the upgraded versions of these apps. For Asana, if you prefer the upgraded versions, you will need a “work mail” first.

In most cases, people go for a personal address that works the same. But if you settle for the “work mail,” it’s easier for you to connect with your colleagues automatically. The app will auto-connect your mates. All you need is to join the organization affiliated by using your domain and that’s all!

The Layout

Now that we have talked about the sign-up process, let’s discuss what you will see when you are in the Slack account. The layout is important for both the newbie and the expert users. Asana comes with a left sidebar.

With this, there is the main pane like any other app like this. This main pane in Asana works like a big space for projects and tasks. Check the upper-right corner and you will see a top bar there. Right there, the search feature is added.

Check the upper-right corner

The best part of Asana is you are free to customize the workspace. With the ease of customization, you can enjoy the background of the workspace. All you need is to go for the My Profile Settings and then select the theme you like.


The core of Asana is different- we have already told you. And this one deals with projects. With all the tasks that you share among a team combined, you will get a complete project. As to deal with the projects, Asana provides you the opportunity to enjoy meetings, initiatives, and other programs.

Tasks and Subtasks

In Asana, there are tasks added. These are just like the assignments that you have divided into manageable divisions. Here, adding tasks to the projects helps you keep your work more organized.

And under tasks, there are subtasks too. And this is why dealing with the small details and ensuring precision gets a lot easier here. These tasks will have owners too.

They are called task assignees and they will take care of the tasks properly. It creates a structure like an office and the responsibility and accountability of each of the members is cleared here.

The Slack

Sign Up Process

As we have mentioned above, signing up for Slack is easy. However, it’s not that uncomplicated if you are going for the upgraded versions just like Asana. But, in the upgraded version’s sign-up process, if you compare both of these apps, Slack is a little tougher to deal with.

In this app, you will need a “work mail” just like the previous one. But if you count the steps, here, you have to follow more steps than in the previous app. But that’s something you always do almost with every app- so it won’t be much of a trouble.

The Layout

Slack’s layout is more or less close to Asana. This one has a main pane with the added left sidebar. However, in Asana, the main pane works for dealing with the tasks and projects. And in the case of Slack, this one works like a big space for conversations.

the layout like asana

Like Asana, Slack has a top bar right in the upper-right section. The search bar is added here too. Customization is a feature here too.

In Slack, you can easily change the color of the left sidebar. Here, you can go for changing the color scheme or themes. Altering themes is also available. All you need is to go for the team’s drop-down menu.

The Messages

Slack messaging is powerful, no doubt. The chat display is quite convenient. Along with this, as a messaging tool, this works better than the other one. It’s easy for you to chat in real-time. you can either choose to chat directly or you can go for the channels and threads!

Sharing File

Sharing a file in Slack from the projects to documents to other files is easier too. All you need is to go to the text box and there, search for the paperclip icon.

Clicking it will help you to upload the file you want to share. However, keep in mind that in Slack, you can only share files that are equal to or less than 1 GB.

In terms of Calls

Slack is great for communication- true, but you won’t get all the benefits if you are on a free plan. Yes, you can enjoy the Slack voice call feature with the free plan. But if you want to settle for a video call, you have to apply for the paid version.

Also, keep in mind that Slack will only let you voice call one person at a time and there’s no option for group calls here. According to the users, the call feature has a lot of errors and still requires perfection.

Wrap Up

Now you see that there are a lot of dissimilarities in both of these apps. In the communication app sector, Slack is incredible. While Asana is also the favorite of a lot as a project management app with communication features. You can pick up one or both if you want!

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